ERP UI Design

Managing Requests

The challenge

Let’s design an interface (ERP type) whose utility for a Manager is to be able to query, accept or reject type requests:

  • Vacations
  • Personal matters (full days or hours)
  • Maternity/paternity leave
  • Medical leaves

The Manager may:

  • Analyze the information per person
  • View the type of request
  • Review the dates of the absence and the dates of the absence request

The request detail tab will display:

  • The type of absence
  • Who is requesting it
  • Number of times this type of absence has occurred during the year
  • Absences by type that the person has had during the year.

The Manager, based on this information displayed, may:

  • Reject the request
  • Accept the request

Prior considerations

For this project I was not given the possibility to do almost any research. It is a reality that sometimes happens and I wanted to reflect it in my portfolio. It is in the very nature of the Product Designer to adapt and mimic the contexts and characteristics of each project. That’s why for this occasion I used a basic benchmarking and gave a lot of weight to my own heuristic analysis and extensive experience designing products. Besides, I had already designed similar products before, which was also of great help to obtain the final design.

Final desktop design

In this design for Desktop you can see my approach to achieve the objectives of the project. It is clear, minimalist and user-friendly. The bright blue color is used to visually differentiate interactive elements.

The “Requests” section has been conceived as a section that could be part of a scalable ERP application to also manage departments, project dates, hours assigned to these projects per user, sprints, etc. The modular design proposed in the sketching phase allows to convert this concept into an application that covers all the administrative needs of a corporation. It’s even possible to connect the Web App to external services in order to amplify its power.

Mobile prototype

This mobile prototype shows the same interface adapted to a mobile device. You can see that the design was thought as mobile first and obviously it works perfectly as such.

Design Process

The video below shows wireframes designed by hand, with a modular approach. This is an effective technique to come up with a solution that is easily scalable and adaptable to any device. Again, maximizing the video will deliver the optimal viewing experience. By the way, the music for the video was composed by me 🙂

Hope you enjoyed it!

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