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Product Design

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Facts about me

With more than ten years of experience in Designing, UX, UI and having learning many different hard and soft skills, I am focused on maintaining the balance between business goals, functionality, usability and enjoyability of the projects I work on.

I am also commited to optimizing collaboration between business, marketing, design and development areas to achieve common goals in the ever-changing and demanding digital environment.

Currently I work on User Experience / Product Design for Mobile and Web Apps, mainly. I’m also interested in fields like Internet of Things (IoT), wereables, Smart TV, virtual reality (VR) or artificial intelligence (AI).

I strongly believe it’s crucial to work closely with the end-users and stakeholders to create solutions that are desirable, feasible and viable for everyone.

Some services I can offer

  • Research your customers’ needs and behaviors.
  • Benchmarking your competitors to find areas of differentiation for your projects.
  • Propose strategies to address your business goals in a creative and effective way (CRO – KPIs).
  • Testing your digital products to align it to users and company needs.
  • Design the best data-driven solution to generate and promote customer engagement.
  • Create and/or improve the visual design of your product to get better outcomes.
  • Collaborate with all the stakeholders to obtain the product that the end user is looking forward to using.
  • Validate your product’s engagement.

The aim is to create professional products ready to run in a digital environment, aligning business strategy, budget and delightful user experiences.

Send me a message now and let’s get things moving!

Clients I have worked for

Professional experience

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— Globant

May 2022 – Current

Senior User Experience Designer

Delving into the UX definition and user research phases for new and existing digital products: discovering, scoping, testing, listening…

— Goal Systems

February 2021 – May 2022

Product Designer

I worked in collaboration with different teams and stakeholders to design a robust and powerful transport management software used in many countries. I also contribute improving the Design System and Style Guide to ensure consistency.

— SMART Technologies (Canada)

July 2020 – February 2021

Product Designer

Collaborative work with the UX team for the definition and ideation of use cases, benchmarking, research, wireframing, workflows, interaction design, etc. Designing new features and improving existing ones. I also contributed in defining the sales and subscription strategy for their B2B and B2C online tools.

— Campfire IT & Digital (UK)

March 2019 – present

UX/UI Consultant

UX/UI consultancy, mainly for education and healthcare companies. I provided guidance and design thinking strategies to solve their issues.

— Immedia IT Software

July 2019 – December 2019

Senior UX/UI Designer & Frontend Developer

I contributed by bringing my hybrid profile to embrace technically complex projects. I helped them by evolving their client’s brand and style guidelines.

— Randed

September 2017 – March 2019

UX/UI Designer

Research, user testing and heuristics. I managed to design a usable and intuitive interface for a highly technical and complex tool. I designed a custom design system for the company.

— Orcha Healthcare (UK)

October 2016 – July 2017

UX/UI Designer

Art direction and style guide designing for a technological healthcare platform in collaboration with NHS. I contributed by settling the foundations of what would become the online and corporate brand image of this company when it was still a small startup. I also guided them in terms of strategy (CRO). By that time they were a team of about ten people. Today they are a large company and a reference in the healthcare technology niche, with more than 130 employees and partners of all major healthcare companies in the UK.

– Enova IT Solutions

January 2015 – August 2016

UX/UI Designer

I provided them with the guidance they needed in terms of design and user experience. I crafted all design guidelines for all of their projects. I also improved the checkout process in all the e-commerce we designed together.

– Freelancer – UX/UI Designer

March 2013 – December 2014

End-to-end design of digital solutions and user experience consulting. In this phase I broadened my professional horizons and I evolved towards a hybrid and multidisciplinary profile.

— Team Interactive

October 2008 – February 2013

UI Designer / Web Designer

Online projects for clients such as Telefonica, Toyota, Sun Microsystems or Sodexo. Ideation, concept, interaction, web design, layout and programming. Advertising campaigns design. I got used to working for top companies and meeting their needs. This helped me getting better in terms of taking requirements with stakeholders. In addition, I started acquiring a multidisciplinary profile, carrying out end to end projects.

– UI Designer / Web Designer

Prior to 2008

Freelance and contractor designer for many types of digital projects. During this phase I got the knowledge foundation to build my career on.

Technologies I have worked with

Schools I have studied in

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