Facts about me

With more than a decade of experience in Designing, UX, UI and having learning different technical skills, I am dedicated to maintaining the balance between functionality, usability and enjoyment of the digital projects I work on.

I am also focused on optimizing the collaboration between business, design and development teams to achieve common goals in the ever-changing and demanding digital environment.

Currently I work mainly on User Experience / User Interface Design as a Consultant. I’m also really interested in fields like Internet of Things (IoT), wereables, Smart TV, virtual reality (VR) or artificial intelligence (AI).

I believe it’s crucial to work closely with the end-users and stakeholders to create solutions that are desirable, feasible and viable for all of them.

Some services I can offer

  • Investigate your users’ needs and behaviors.
  • Proposing tools and methodologies to address problems in a creative way.
  • Validate hypotheses, business ideas and functionalities.
  • Testing digital products to adapt them to users’ needs.
UI Design
  • Turning research ideas and improvements into a visual interface.
  • Create screens using designs that help meet user and business needs.
  • Improve visual coherence of your brand while maintaining consistency.
  • Build wireframes and prototypes to facilitate understanding of the product.

The goal is to create a professional product ready to run in a digital environment, aligning business strategy, technological cost and premium user experience.

Send me a message now and let’s get things moving.

Clients I have worked for

Professional experience

— SMART Technologies (Canada)

July 2020 – present

Senior UX/UI Designer

Collaborative work (remotely) with UX team for the definition and ideation of use cases, scoping, benchmarking, research, wireframing, workflows, or interaction design. Design of new features, improving existing ones.

— Campfire IT & Digital (UK)

March 2019 – present

UX/UI Consultant

UX/UI consultancy, mainly for companies related to education and health.

— Immedia IT Software

July 2019 – December 2019

Senior UX/UI Designer & Frontend Developer

A variety of projects for customers in the aerospace industry. Interface design for complex ERP systems.

— Randed

September 2017 – March 2019

UX/UI Designer

Security-thru isolation software development. UI Kit, Style Guide and information architecture creation. Research, user tests and heuristics during the whole process.

— Orcha Healthcare (UK)

October 2016 – July 2017

UX/UI Designer

Style guide development for technological health platforms in collaboration with NHS, including in-lab tests.

– Enova IT Solutions

January 2015 – August 2016

UX/UI Designer

User experience methodologies applied to ecommerce platforms. Research, user journey and architecture information development.

– Freelancer – UX/UI Designer

March 2013 – December 2014

Side-to-side design of digital solutions and user experience’s consulting.

— Team Interactive

October 2008 – February 2013

UI Designer / Web Designer

Online projects development for clients such as Telefonica, Toyota, Sun Microsystems or Sodexo. Ideation, concept, interaction design, graphic design, layout and programming. Advertising campaigns development. Proposals for copywriting texts and marketing strategies.

– UI Designer / Web Designer

Prior to 2008

Freelance and contract Designer for different types of online projects.

Software I work with

Schools I have studied in

Anything else?

If you want to see more of my work, you can also find me posting on tonalidad.

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